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We produce realistic 3-D masks, in-person- presentations, and virtual mannequins.
Privacy Policy

For the purpose of safely securing our customers’ personal information, we at Holograph Co. Ltd. hereby declare that we should handle personal information in an appropriate manner in accordance with the corporate Privacy Policy stated below. All the personal information received by the company should be handled with special care in accordance with this policy.

Definition of personal information
The term "personal information" in this document is defined as the information of existing individuals, or identifiable information of individuals and such may include names, postal addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other notes.
Limited purpose of use
We hereby expressly, freely and unequivocally declare that the company shall use our customers' personal information in a manner limited to the purposes clearly stated below and it shall not be utilized for any other purposes.
  • 1. To conduct after sales services and maintenance of the products delivered
  • 2. To deliver material, catalogues and brochures related to our products and services
  • 3.To implement current product/service improvements and new developments
  • 4. To use for recruitment purposes
  • 5. To respond to opinions and requests from customers
Disclosure to third parties
The company shall not disclose or provide any personal information to any third parties unless:
  • 1.It is consented to by the information provider.
  • 2.It is required to cooperate with a national institution, or local public authorities or their trustees to accomplish their purposes and when it could affect the completion of the relevant business by obtaining the consent of the person in question.
  • 3.In other serious emergencies for the user, the company, or a third party to protect their lives and properties from possible risks caused by non-disclosure.
  • 4.Pertinent operation is entrusted to others.
  • 5.There are possible risks of infringement of third party copyright, or of confliction with intellectual property rights.
Information security
The company shall take thorough secure measures to manage personal information that has been previously provided to us, protecting it from any illegal access, disclosure, falsification and misappropriation.
Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information
To review, correct, update, delete or otherwise limit our use of your Personal Information that has been previously provided to us, please contact us. Upon receiving your request we will disclose, correct or delete it within a rationally appropriate period after first conducting identity verification.
Please feel free to contact us whenever you find anything unclear concerning our handling of the personal information provided. Your inquiry will be received at the phone number described below; however, please note that immediate response may occasionally not be made.

Phone number
Stage group: +81-6-7505-6589