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We produce realistic 3-D masks, in-person- presentations, and virtual mannequins.


To: Realistic Masks
To: In-person-presentations


1. Realistic Masks

How long does it take for 3-D scans and photography?
@@It takes approximately 30 minutes for preparation, 30 minutes for the 3-D scan and photography, in total one hour.

Where can I go to get 3-D scans and photos taken?
@@Please come over to our photo studio (Osaka City, Higashinari Ward), or we can visit your designated place.
We may charge extra fees for transportation or security of the photography venue. Please contact us for more details.

 want to order one, but will it be all right if I smile with my teeth exposed?
@@Generally, facial expressions when taking pictures should be the same as when 3-D scanning takes place.
We recommend keeping the mouth closed. But of course, taking pictures and 3-D scanning of your smiling face is possible. The important thing is that the personfs facial expression needs to be identical when captured twice.

Can you make my mask fairer skinned?
@@We try to meet customerfs demands as much as possible; this includes retouching of photographs.

Can you make a smaller / larger mask?
@@We can manufacture it from actual size down to 1/3 size.

Can you make non-human masks?
@@That depends on the model. Please contact us individually.

Is it possible to apply makeup to the mask?
@@Yes, it is possible, but when cleansing makeup, do not use solvents such as thinners or alcohol. Be sure to cleanse gently with a makeup remover.

Can masks be repaired if theyfre damaged?
@@ @@In the case of heavy damage, we cannot repair them. However, if itfs within the original mold keeping period, we can produce it again
and will charge
only the actual cost expenses (
60,000 JPY).

What is ethe original model keeping periodf?
@@ For additional orders, we keep the original model of your mask for up to one year. Within the period, we can produce your mask again. No need to pay the initial cost. Only the actual cost of manufacture is needed.

2. Photo Reliefs of your pets

Can 3D Reliefs be repaired if theyfre damaged?
@@We cannot repair them. However, we can remake it for half the retail price.

Can we specify the size? 
@@We make it within 2L size (127 x 178 mm/5 x 7.01 inch). You cannot specify the 3D part of your pet. 

3. Both Realistic Masks and Photo Reliefs of your pet 

Can we place them outside? 
@@No. Indoor placement is recommended. 

What are the key points for storing them? @

@@ To avoid deformation, do not leave the products in places with high temperatures such as inside cars,
@@Do not expose the products to direct sunlight to avoid color fading.

s it returnable if we do not like the product?

@@ You cannot return it because it is made-to-order.
@@  We will do our very best to make sure you like it.

Can we lick them? 
@@Avoid direct contact to your mouth such as licking or putting them in your mouth.  

Is daily care necessary?

@@Not particularly.  

Can we wipe them with water? 
@@Yes, but do not scrub them. 


Can we select different models?
@@At present, we have only one model, but we will gradually increase the number.

Can we select someone as a model? 
@@Yes, you can. Prepare his/her photos or electronic data. The costs will be estimated. 

Is the animation owned?(Not a rental product) 
@@Yes, it is. 

Who has ownership of the copyright? 
@@We do. 

Will you instruct us how to post a video on YouTube? 
@@Will you instruct us how to post a video on YouTube? 

Can we ask you to post a video on YouTube? 
@@No, you cannot do that. Your account details based on your personal information are required to post a video on YouTube 

We want to post the video on our own web site designed by an outside company. Will you do that since we donft have the skills?
@@We can manage that, if you give us your web site data and your server information.