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We produce realistic 3-D masks, in-person- presentations, and virtual mannequins.
<Realistic Masks>

A mask with an exact resemblance to the person, made by our original 3-D forming technology. It is a true-to-life duplication of your face.
Our technology depicts all your facial details, even the texture and pores.
If you would consider keeping your own or your loved one's image forever, try our Realistic Masks.
Material: plastic
<Product Features>
1. Hyper realistic
Only our original technology can achieve this life-like skin texture that makes the masks look so real. Since the Realistic Masks are directly formed from high-resolution photos, their impact is no less than that of waxworks. They are still unprecedented in the world.

2. Short lead-times
Our technology achieves short production lead-times, 2 weeks at the shortest. Moreover, the production capacity for duplication is large enough to produce 30 masks-a-week at the shortest.

3. Low cost
The short lead-times also reduce production costs. We offer a more competitive price than other businesses.

4. Ready to miniaturize
Miniature masks as small as one third of actual size are available.

• For room decoration
• For costume parties
• For shop display with mannequins
• For ad-campaigns as substitutes for celebrities
• For life-sized ad-boards
• For figurine faces (miniature masks)

<Process & Costs>
There are two methods of producing masks:
1. Using a photo received from you
2. Photographing your face at our place.

①. Using a photo received from you
Please e-mail us a digital photo of your face looking ahead at the camera. You can take it with a digital camera or scan an existing photo.
Please note that we may request you to send another photo when it doesn’t meet the necessary requirements, such as not looking ahead at the camera etc.
Production cost: 30,000 JPY (incl. tax).
② 2. Photographing your face at our place
1) We measure 3-D data of your face using a 3-D scanner.
2) We photograph your face.
These two steps will take approximately 30 minutes.
The location will be either:
- Your designated place (we send out staff)
- Our designated rental space in Tokyo
- Our studio in Osaka
Production cost: 198,000 JPY (incl. tax)
*Our transportation expenses will be charged separately.
Breakdown: 3D data creation by 3D Scanning; mask production based on the data
③ Option
  We can make holes in the eyes and the nostrils.
④ 4. Further requirements
   Let us know what you would like. We will be happy to meet your needs as much as possible.
★ Reproduction of the same mask will require 60,000 JPY as a unit cost.
★The costs don’t include contract fees for publicity rights of models.
★The costs don’t include our transportation expenses.
★Do not leave the masks in high temperature environments; such as inside of a car to avoid deformation.
★Do not expose the mask to direct sunlight to avoid colors fading.
★Do not use solvents such as thinners and alcohol to avoid colors fading.
★Stains or dust on the mask should be gently wiped away with a felt cloth or brush.
☆ We do not make plaster molds of the face, as this puts too much stress on the face. Instead, we use a 3D scanner to measure the shape, and we offer our product at a lower price than competitors.
We, at Holograph, will be delighted to meet your needs through our realistic mask technology!
For any requests/questions, please feel free to contact us directly.
TEL: +81-6-7505-6589
9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday